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How do I get my book published? What will it cost? Where do I start?"
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About This Course

The GLOBAL PUBLISHING COURSE is an exciting “hands-on”  course that will take you through the basics of writing, publishing and promoting your book. The modules are concise and easy to follow and, if you follow the directions closely, you will soon be published and earning a passive income online.

Once you complete this course, you will know how to write, publish, market and sell books from your own website and globally in major online bookshops like Amazon.


Key Focus Areas

Much like building a house or home, it is important to have a PLAN. And if you are an inexperienced builder, it is vital to have someone show you the ropes to save you time, money and lots of frustration. This is exactly what I have set out to do with this book mentoring course. 

The Course has four levels.

1. Writing Your Book and Preparing to Publish. Once you enter the door and register, this level will assist you to polish and tighten your work wiith writing techniques and tips to make your book compelling. Your work on the ground floor is essential to the success of your book. If you haven't started writing yet, you will find a Plan of Action here that will get you started... and finishing! 

2. Kindle Publishing. This level takes you step-by-step through the process of preparing and publishing your book as a Kindle edition with Amazon. This is an exciting way to begin your publishing journey and I always recommend authors publish their Kindle edition first. Here you can test the market before you prepare the print edition.  You get 35-70% royalties and Amazon takes care of all the details. The traffic on the Amazon site is amazing and it is filled with people actively looking for books to read. Plus every digital device from smartwatches, smartphones, tablets to computers have the free Kindle Reading app available, giving you a truly global audience. Publishing with Amazon Kindle is free.

3. Print Publishing Should you print your book? Or just make digital copies? Why not have the best of both worlds? This level will help you prepare and publish your book as a print copy locally and on Amazon. It is always best to have both digital and print copies available so readers have a choice. Publishing a print book on Amazon is free. You receive 30% royalties and Amazon takes care of all the details. Printing locally will involve printing costs.

4. Marketing and Promoting Your Book Every Author is also an entrepreneur and this level will guide you in the best ways to market and promote your book. If no-one knows your book is available, they won’t buy it! Become an Amazon Best Seller and enjoy a passive income for years to come.


How You Will Benefit

Brief, Easy-To-Understand Training Materials. The training materials will be CONCISE, but thorough. All modules are immediately available so you may access them in any order and at any time according to your needs.

Real Action-Oriented Checklists. At the conclusion of each lesson there will be a practical checklist for you to work through in order to APPLY what you have learned. You definitely WILL see results if you follow these guidelines.

Royalties. The best part of publishing books! Discover how to receive royalties in your country, how to get a USA Bank Account for royalties (if you are not a USA citizen), how to do the tax interview to avoid the 30% withholding tax on your royalties, and many other important things you need to know to be a successfully published author.

Bonuses. From time to time you will receive supporting materials in PDF, video, or audio format to help you achieve success with your project.

Q&A with Val. Students may email Val when they require advice or assistance. This is a priceless benefit in view of the high cost of private consulting.


Bonus Modules

ePub Publishing This Module will help you prepare and publish your book in the Apple iStore, Barnes and Noble and many other bookstores worldwide. Again, publishing is free

eBook Publishing This Module will show you how to turn your book into an eBook and sell it from your own website. The PDF ebook is the standard for reading books digitally and makes it really easy to share your book.


Who Should Register

This course is perfect for people of all levels of experience and knowledge. If you desire to write, publish and market a book successfully, this course is for you.



The course may be started and completed at any time. Work with the modules that are relevant to your needs at specific times. They are all immediately available in a membership area and you will be able to access them whenever you want.



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Registration and Payment

Once your payment has been processed, you will have instant access to the course materials.

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