A-Z of Publishing: Create Content on Many Platforms

wam01lcgMost authors work hard on their book and then publish it in one format only, reaching only a few readers. The exciting thing about self-publishing is that the world is your market. I want you to consider all the avenues available to give your book the widest reach.

Here is my recommendation:

  1. First publish your book on Amazon Kindle. this is a HUGE market with unlimited potential. There are literally millions of people, credit card in hand, looking for new books. Amazon tell us they are selling twice as many digital books as print books at the moment so this is a good space to occupy. Publishing it is free and Amazon send you generous royalties on sales (between 35% and 70%). If you don’t know how to prepare your books for Amazon Kindle, take a look at my “Publish Your Passion” Kindle Publishing Made Easy course.
  2. Next prepare your book in 6×9 inches size and publish it on the global Amazon platform in print format. You can do this via Amazon’s print-on-demand company called CreateSpace. Just upload your content and cover PDFs and Amazon will take care of the rest, sending you 35% royalties on sales. Make sure your book is professionally setup and your cover is excellent. You can contact Clive Thompson at www.getclive.com for more information about pricing. It is highly recommended you publish on Amazon as a print book in view of the fact that Amazon are talking about opening physical bookshops to promote print books. This is definitely a space you should occupy!
  3. After that, consider printing your book locally. Use exactly the same PDF for the content and cover and add a local ISBN number to the cover. Get quotes from local printers for 100, 300, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 books and make your decision. Print as you need. Consider the cost of one copy and work out how many you have to sell to cover your printing costs. Set your price accordingly, taking into account that bookshops generally desire around 40% discount. Add your cost + allowance for discount + your profit.
  4. Now consider distributing your book in a variety of digital formats, e.g. PDF, ePub (for the Apple iStore), formatted for the different eReaders, etc. You can do that via a company called Smashwords. They will place your digital book in bookstores around the world (except Amazon) in 51 countries.
  5. Tell the world about your book. Watch this blog for lots more information about that!

That sounds like a lot of work… and it is. I would highly recommend you consider signing up for my Global Publishing Course that will take you step-by-step through the process (including Kindle publishing). There are 52 modules dealing with writing, publishing and marketing your book and the beauty of this course is that they are all immediately available to you in a membership site so you can access whatever material is available and relevant for your needs at any time. (South Africans, please be sure to click on the S.A. flag for a specially discounted price for local ZAR).

I’ve got a LOT of tips for you over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!!





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