Tip 1: How To Increase Sales of Your Books on Amazon

The Self-Publishing SpecialistI recently did a survey on people’s most burning questions and issues. One of the repeated questions was how to increase the sales of books on Amazon. A number of folk had successfully published their books, but they were lost among the millions of books on that very busy site.

“Why isn’t my books selling?” and “How can I make it known?” were two questions that popped up again and again.I realise this is a big issue for most authors so I plan to give you some suggestions over the next few weeks that might help. There are techniques and methods that will make your book stand out and be counted.


Today’s tip is to take a look at the place where your buyers are most likely to hang out... and that is the Social Media platform. Investigate some of the popular ones and then choose three that really appeal to you. Get to know them well, one at a time… and use them to the fullest extent. To start with, post at least three things a day about your book (one post on each of the three) – interesting comments, quotes, statistics, stories – to get attention – stimulate interest – arouse desire for your product – and encourage potential buyers to take action immediately and click on the link that leads them to the sales page on Amazon.

How do get a good birds-eye view of Social Media? This is where your buyers are likely to be so get to know the ropes. Let me recommend a tutorial showing  you the top Social Media Marketing Tactics in 10 step-by-step video tutorials demonstrating the tools, techniques and top tips on social media marketing.

Click here for more information: Social Media Marketing Tactics

The best part is that it won’t break the bank… and you will be able to download the videos so you can watch them over and over again. A good deal.

To Your Book Marketing Success!





Val Waldeck
Self-Publishing Specialist

P.S. Watch out for my next tip in a few day’s time. This is going to be an interesting journey!

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