How To Keep Track of Your Sales & Statistics for your Amazon Books

Keeping track of sales and statistics on our Amazon kindle books is always something of a mission. You have to login to your Amazon Kindle account, check the reports section for news of sales and royalties. Then you have to go to, find your book and examine the sales rank so you can see how you books are doing. If you have a few books, that is quite a mission. I know… because I have over 50 and it is time-consuming.

That is, until today! I just discovered a most useful product by Kevin Shaper called KDPulse. This is the best software I have bought in months, without equal. It is a plugin for your web browser (Firefox and/or Chrome) and gives you a complete dashboard of all your statistics for all your books on one screen with one click. You can see sales, rank, reviews, stars and everything else you need to know so you can monitor your books and do promotions to increase their popularity. I am over the moon… and that is why I want to share this superb resource with you.

Not only that, it has a facility to check the sales rank of other books (without all the detail obviously) so you can see how they are doing and what categories are giving them the most traffic. We need to up our game constantly.

It also has a link to book promotion sites, allowing you to simply click and copy the link to paste into the promotion forms. You don’t need to find your ASIN… it’s all done for you.

Take a look at KDPulse here.

Here’s what the software does:

  • Live Sales and Pages Read. You can see Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days worth of Live sales, pages read, and free downloads.
  • Reviews and Stars. Easily see your review counts and stars for each book. You can always know which books need more reviews.
  • Auto Finds All Your Books. Once it’s installed, just click Import My Books. If you’re logged into KDP, it auto finds all books and includes all statistics.
  • Makes Book Promos Easier. Every Title is a link to your book. Click to get description, or right-click & copy/paste to give Amazon Link or ASIN.
  • Links to Important Kindle URLs. Links to KDP Bookshelf, Reports, Author Central, Best Sellers, New Releases, Manage Devices, & Send to Kindle.
  • Best Sellers Rank. It’s not the most important stat, but it sure gives you an idea of where your book is, and it’s good to see.
  • Book Pricing. Never forget to change the price again. Ever change a price to try to get a little sales love and forget to change it back? See the price of every book.
  • Even More Stats… KDPulse shows Author/Pen Name, Publish Date, Pages, and every title is a link to the book – click or copy/paste.
  • Track Other Books. Keep track of a favorite author’s or competitor’s books. Add them to the Other Books tab to get all stats except sales.
  • Current Book Promotion Sites List. Always on the hunt for book promotion sites? Now you can get an up-to-date list just a click away in KDPulse.

Take a look at KDPulse here.

I’m impressed… and I know you will be too. If time is money, this plugin is worth it’s weight in gold. I checked all my stats today in one go and immediately began a campaign to get my books moving. The first thing I did was to look at the categories of similar books that are selling well and to update my categories. That’s a very important aspect of selling books on Amazon. So important, I am giving my eBook “AMAZON CATEGORIES” to all who buy this product from Kevin as a bonus. It allows you to examine every available category at your leisure offline so you can research the most popular categories for your masterpiece.

Here’s what some buyers have had to say about KDPulse.

Avery Breyer, Non Fiction Author – “I use it every single day – I absolutely love it because it allows me to see everything I want to know at a glance – absolute perfection!!!”

Felix R. Savage, Sci-fi Author – “KDPulse is the best tool I’ve ever found for quickly viewing a breakdown of KDP stats. It allows me to see sales and pages read per book with just one click. Best bit is it’s a browser extension — nothing to download and install, no password security issues!” Felix’s Books

Cam Larson, Self Published Author – “I use it multiple times a day to track promos, books that need more reviews, and see trends of sales.”

Take a look at KDPulse here.

I love it!





To Your Publishing Success!

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