How To Sell Thousands of Books on Amazon

One of our biggest problems as Authors on the huge Amazon platform is getting our books noticed. That is an art and I want to recommend a tool to you that I use personally – The Kindle Samuria software. I am seriously working at reaching a million readers with my books and this is a great piece of software.

You have to remember that making money with Kindle is simply making money in the publishing industry. And NOBODY makes money in the publishing industry by speculation.


The best selling authors are treating the self publishing world like a business. Sometimes before they even sit down to write a book they are analyzing the Kindle market for:

  • High traffic keywords within the Amazon Kindle website that guarantee tons of eyeballs will reach their books.
  • Keywords that have low competition. There is no need to be writing books in over saturated keywords where your book is going to sink into oblivion as just another book. The bestselling authors on Kindle are big fish in little ponds. And they replicate this success over and over again – because they know how to rank for those markets in page one.
  • Guaranteed profits. The bestselling publishers on Kindle ONLY optimize their listings for keywords and niches that have a guarantee for success. How do they know they will have success? They look at other books’ rankings. The better the rankings of the books in the page, the greater their chance of success.
  • Competition analysis. Smart Kindle marketers analyze their competition in the first page of Kindle before publishing a book. They find out how many reviews their competition has. How many stars their competition is getting, when they published, what price they are selling their books for etc.

And that is probably why you haven’t tried this method of Kindle publishing before:
It takes FOREVER to find this data.

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The Kindle Sumarai software has implemented a color coded system so  you can make quick judgments about first page likelihood.

  • Access all of the book titles, author names and publishing dates for all of the books within your keywords first page.
  • Find out which books specifically are using the keyword in the title and description in the page one. This is a great way to find out what pieces you might be able to fix with your own book to achieve easy rankings.
  • Find out Kindle ranking, number of reviews and the star rating to analyze how well your competitors in the first page are doing within this particular keyword.
  • Find out how many pages and what the file size of your competitors books are.
  • Know instantly what others are charging in the page one and how that relates to their page counts, the reviews they are receiving and more!
  • You can export all of this data for further offline analysis and planning!

Get Instant Access To Kindle Samurai!

With this incredible one-click Page One Conclusions tool you can take your keywords and through the software’s Automatic Conclusions tool, find out the specific keywords you can succeed in.

  • Get the total number of books that currently show up in Amazon’s search for the keyword that you are analyzing. This is fantastic information for trying to gauge competition and saturation.
  • How many books have the keyword in the title in the first page. As you may already know putting the keyword in the title will help you rank on the first page in Amazon (just like SEO with Google). If you find a bunch of books without the keyword in the title, then you just found a goldmine.
  • You will also be able to find out if your competition, in the page one, is putting their keyword in the description. Again, if your competition isn’t using the keyword – then there is a massive hole for you to fill.
  • The highest and lowest Kindle ranking of the books on the first page. Want to know how hot a keyword is? What it’s money making potential might be?These two numbers are going to tell you everything you need to know.
  • How many reviews your competitors on the first page are getting. Amazon takes into account the reviews books have in part of their ranking algorithm. This is really crucial data to know before jumping into a market and trying to rank on the front page for the keyword you are analyzing.
  • The average price of the books on the front page.This is helpful information for knowing what to price your book.
  • Conclusive Analysis. Kindle Samurai has a built in analyzer that uses parameters that are set out to draw a conclusion for you as to the profitability of the keyword that you have analyzed and tells you the level of difficulty they have to rank on the first page.This makes choosing keywords brain-dead simple.

Let the software do all the work for you.

Get Instant Access To Kindle Samurai!

Very highly recommended.





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