Publishing Books With Amazon

Publishing BooksFor many years, writers and authors found publishing books very difficult, if not impossible. Publishers received  thousands of manuscripts every week, and most of them ended up in the local dumpster. Who has time to open and check the contents of all those packages?

Very often Publishers did not even bother to respond to the anxious author. And when they did take a book seriously, they often changed it and lost the author’s personal touch. in addition, they paid very low royalties. Of course, many reputable companies went the extra mile and we are grateful to them for the works of literature they helped publish. Without the great Publishing Companies publishing books, the world would be a poorer place.

Times Have Changed

Today times have changed radically. Amazon has opened amazing doors to authors with their kindle and print publishing facilities. Not only that, they have also opened doors to publishing books at no cost and with amazing royalties. Self-publishing is no longer looked upon with disdain. Even published authors are now making use of the self-publishing channels to publish their books.

Authors Need Mentors

It’s not easy to do most things without a mentor and publishing books is no exception. The step-by-step instruction offered in my Global Publishing Course has filled a huge gap. The response has been amazing as authors have found their way around the publishing maze. Many of my students have successfully published their works of art. The benefit of this type of personal mentoring is the opportunity to ask me questions and receive guidance along the way. Coaching is usually a very expensive option.

Just a heads-up to let you know this popular course is on special right now. Take a look here… it night be just what you have been waiting for!

This is a good time to begin your journey to becoming an Amazon Best Seller. Earn a passive income for years to come as you set about publishing books for the whole world to read.


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