Simple Video Player to Market Your Book & Products


One of the most effective ways to market our books and products is via video. People love watching them! The problem, however, is that it always seems so complicated to install a video on your website.

After spending $10,000 in development costs, David Perdew finally created the perfect Simple Video Management Tool & Video Player.

I have just acquired it and will be installing this on all my websites. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for so I am excited to share it with you.

Why am I excited about this video software? For a number of reasons:

  • The player is very user-friendly and compatible with all devices, which means everyone will be able to view it on whatever device they are using…. from smartphones to tablets to PCs. It’s so frustrating when a video won’t play on your portable device and this software takes care of that.
  • It is fully mobile responsive and will AUTOMATICALLY resize for various screen sizes. Now that’s a plus.
  • It keeps track of all your videos via the admin area in your WordPress admin panel so you can see and manage all  your videos at a glance. Not only that, it keeps a record of which pages and posts you are using specific videos so if you make any changes, you know what  is affected.
  • It has special features needed by marketers, for example, the ability to hide/show the controls, displays timed messages, including buy buttons, redirects to specific page when video is complete.
  • You can direct viewers to your website, Facebook page, affiliate links, Amazon… wherever.
  • You can store and select  your videos from your video database, cloud-based servers, Amazon S3, and YouTube (Big Plus… without adding YouTube’s advertising. That drives me insane.)
  • It’s simple to use! Bottom line… it just works.

There’s so much more, but the important thing is that it just works… anywhere and everywhere, including using the generated code on non-Wordpress sites.

I’m blown away by this and I know you will be too if you understand the amazing response videos get from potential purchasers. It’s huge. We live in a media-driven age.

It ‘s on a promotional special until end of May 2 so I recommend you look at it right away. Here’s the link:

Simple Video Management System Plugin




P.S. We have to tell readers about our books… how else will they know about them? Video is one of the best methods… especially if they go viral. Visit and find out how easy it is to produce a professional video at no cost.


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