What People Are Saying

Mandy Hackland. South Africa: Pure Gold

Val Waldeck’s ‘Publish Your Book Globally eBook Mentoring Course’ is pure gold! I had no experience at all in self-publishing, other than paying other people to do it for me. Val’s easy to follow, step by step modules helped me to complete the whole process myself, thus saving me thousands of Rands.

The marketing advice is sound and has also given me ideas as to how to go about this process which I find so challenging. It has worked well, and I am arranging a second print run of my novel after eight weeks of marketing.

I cannot recommend ‘Publish Your Book Globally Book Mentoring Course’ highly enough. It has opened doors for me I did not realize existed and I’m having a blast! Thank you, Val, for your dedication in helping aspiring authors share the message that is in their hearts. God bless you.

DividerVal Wolff, Durban: Wonderful Course 

I would most definitely recommend your course to anyone who desires to become an Author. The modules are comprehensive and provides much needed information covering every area of publishing. DividerRobin Miller, Durban, South Africa: So Easy To Understand

But best of all… This Book Mentoring Course is personally conducted by International Best Selling Author and eBook creator Val Waldeck herself. This means that you won’t find any super complicated technical jargon here. Val has a gift for teaching which means it will be dead-easy to understand, and it’s laid out so you can easily follow it.DividerIngrid Marshall: This course is the A to Z on book writing, editing, publishing and so much more.

You took me from teaching me to cross my t’s and dotting my i’s to a published book.DividerMax Kaan, Johannesburg, South Africa: Valuable Hard To Find Info

Val’s inexhaustible supply of valuable hard to find info, inside tips, and knowledge is second to none.  For anyone who is considering writing their book, this is the place to start.DividerRani Moodley, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa: Very Encouraging

I will soon be at the point of publishing. Your input into my life shifted me in the right direction and probably quicker too. DividerAbigail Neilson: Dynamic

My participation in the course will save me many hours of unnecessary frustration and tears with regards to writing and publishing my book because the course content covers everything one needs know, things I would never have thought of on my own! DividerAndre de Kock: I would recommend it

This course is truly a mentoring course. The fact that the modules are in bite size format make it easy to study and to refer back to. I would recommend it to prospective writers and self publishers.