The Importance of Categories on Amazon for Maximum Exposure

Many authors battle to select the best categories for their books on Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace. The problem is there are so many choices and, when you are busy publishing your book, it takes so much time and effort to look through them all. That is why so many authors just select the first one that appeals to them.

The importance of selecting the correct categories cannot be over-emphasized. Not only will it give you a better chance of Amazon showing your book to potential buyers, but you may even find your book listed alongside titles of well-established authors, giving you excellent exposure.

I always found this a tedious process until the day I spent some hours making a list of all the categories for Amazon Kindle and the BISAC ones for CreateSpace. What a time-saver! That enabled me to highlight the ones that were the best choice, especially when I researched the categories used by books that were selling well. Often I found those to be far superior to my own first choice. That also meant some of my books were listed alongside titles of other well-established authors.

Having your book in the best category is one of the single best  marketing tools you can use.

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