Tip #2: Improving Sales of Your Books

Self-Publishing Specialist jpgIt is not easy to improve sales and actually takes a lot of hard work. Many times authors believe if they can just get the book written and published, the world will flock to buy it. Sadly, we find the competition is great “out there” – especially on Amazon with its global marketplace. We have to find ways to make our book stand out and get noticed.

My tip: Get to know exactly what your book is doing in relation to other books in the same genre. Observe your sales, rank, reviews, and stars and see what you can improve. In fact, make notes of your live sales for one day, seven days, and even thirty days. Track your statistics on a spreadsheet. Why do this?

  • Tracking your sales will give you a good idea of which books are selling best, which days they are selling, and after which events. For example, you may have done a promotion on Facebook or Instagram and you see an immediately increase in sales. Track your promotions, see which ones bring the best results, and repeat them regularly.
  • Tracking your reviews will show you which books need more reviews. Go all out to get reviews… they are definitely important for sales. People tend to read them before making the decision to buy. Take note of what they say. What are the perceived weaknesses and strengths of your books. Work on any issues. Remember, with kindle books you may upload a new version of your book and it will replace the old version within 12 hours.
  • Tracking the stars awarded to your book will give you an idea of its popularity. Work hard at making your book more people-friendly and more visible.
  • Tracking your seller’s rank is vital. You will see that in the detail section under your book. Of course, the aim is to get into the first 100 best seller list as Amazon really helps you with advertising then. This gives you a good idea of where your book is.

I know this is a lot of work and takes time, but you will reap the benefit if you take time to nurse your book and thrust it into the limelight.

I used to do much of this manually, but am delighted to have found a tool that does most of the work for me. It gives me all my kindle stats in one click! Plus shows my sales, rank, reviews, and stars, all in one screen for different periods. It even gives me the price… which certainly helps when I do price changes or freebies and forget the change the price back! You can even add books from authors you are watching to see how they are doing. An added bonus is the up-to-date promotion sites list. Very useful.

If you are interested to learn more about this amazing software, click here for more details:
KD Pulse Software

Whether you do this manually, or decide to save massive time with this automated tool, the important thing is that you keep your finger on the pulse of your books.

Here’s good advice from The Good Book…

“Be diligent to know the state of your flocks,
And attend to your herds;”
— Proverbs 27:23

Keep an eye on this blog for another great tip soon.


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