Tip 3: More Sales for your Books

rp_specialist-600-150x150-1.jpgI have so many ideas for you I am busy implementing myself that I am sure we are going to reach markets we never dreamed of with our books! Here’s my 3rd Tip.

Did you know it is possible to use a mobile app to post pictures guaranteed to grow your online business? It is indeed… and the mobile app in question is INSTAGRAM. I shied away from using it for a long time until I realized that Instagram is owned by Facebook and has over 200 million active users. 65% of those users are located outside of the United States and it is a growing network.

Here are some more stats that may interest you:

  • 1.6 billion Likes are made every day.
  • 60 Million Photos are shared every day.
  • Instagram Engagement is 15x Greater than Facebook.
  • 93% of Prestige Brands use Instagram.
  • 57% of Instagram users visit the site at least once a day (with 35% doing so multiple times per day).
  • Average Instagram Users spend 257 minutes a month on the site.
  • 25% of the Fortune 500 now use Instagram.

This is an ideal place to post pictures of  your book cover and related content. The best part is that 99% of users don’t have a clue how to use it properly so if you get to know it a little, you will be streets ahead of most advertisers.

Instagram allows you to post videos, photos, pictures, user stories and more.  You can add your keywords, descriptions, and cross link to other  sites. Because Instagram belongs to Facebook, you are able to view and analyze your statistics and measure your engagement with Facebook’s Power Editor.

Those who have studied trends tell us the best times to post content are just before people leave for work, lunchtime, and after work. Choose a time that reaches people at all the best times. For example, posting at 9 pm UK Time (GMT) will reach folk in New Zealand and Australia at 8 am, and USA browers at 4 pm.

Why not give Instagram a try? You may be pleasantly surprised.

If you need more information about Instagram and how to use it effectively, pop over to this link for some excellent video tutorials: Instagram Marketing Made Easy

To Your Marketing Success!

Val Waldeck




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